Danish Liquorice

The sweets of Liquorice

My favorite kind of sweets is Danish liquorice, because it is so tasty and unique.
Every time I travel around in the world … I miss this sweet. My family always need to provide me with it and send me packages so I do not run out… yes I am addicted.

Sometimes countries have options, but the options are nothing compared to the big spectrum of different kind of liquorice you have in Denmark.
You can not imagine how the salty and sweet liquorice taste it is a bit of heaven…or maybe not for foreigners.

I have given my roommates some samples of the liquorice I eat and let’s be honest…their face expression says it all. With that said you should definitely try the salty liquorice in Denmark – it needs to be on your bucket list (to-do list/ must do) while visiting Denmark

One of the liquorice that the Danes goes crazy about in the moment is  Johan Bulow liquorice – just a heads up if you want to try real good quality liquorice 🙂

Read more about liquorice and watch a movie about it here


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